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De-duplication just got cheaper

A week ago I wrote that the high cost of data de-duplication and the lack of downward movement on prices was a potential concern for the market players. I have seen two recent cases (and heard first-hand of more) where customers were seriously considering B2D on 2 or 3TB NL-SAS drives without de-dupe as they were finding it to be a cheaper acquisition.

Coincidentally, EMC responded this week by announcing a refresh of the low-end DD platforms, giving quite a lot more capacity with a much lower price point. The DD160 replaces the 140, 620 replaces 610, and 640 replaces 630. The cost of the existing DD670 was also reduced. I think this is a smart move by EMC and will make them much more competitive at the low-end, where customers would often choose an inferior technology simply because of price point and meeting “good enough” criteria.

A common scenario I found was most small-medium sized companies have at least 10TB of backup data. In the DD product line, this would put them above the previous low-end models and into the higher-end 670, making it out of reach for them financially.

What I’m seeing is the new DD640 with expansion shelf capabilities nicely solves this problem. It can scale to 32TB usable pre-deduped capacity. I just ran a sample config comparing a 670 with a 32TB shelf to a 640 with 30TB shelf and the cost is cheaper by tens of thousands. Kudos to EMC on this one. Now, if they could only do something for Avamar cost of entry at the low-end of the market…

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